Gaia Pipeline

Gaia Pipeline

What is gaia?

Gaia is an open source automation platform which makes it easy and fun to build powerful pipelines in any programming language. Based on HashiCorp’s go-plugin and gRPC, gaia is efficient, fast, lightweight, and developer friendly. Gaia is currently alpha! Do not use it for mission critical jobs yet!

Develop powerful pipelines with the help of SDKs and simply check-in your code into a git repository. Gaia automatically clones your code repository, compiles your code to a binary, and executes it on-demand. All results are streamed back and formatted as a user-friendly graphical output.

One of the main reasons for this is the abstraction and poor execution of many automation tools. They come with their own configuration (YAML syntax) specification or limit the user to one specific programming language. Testing is nearly impossible because most automation tools lack the ability to mock services and subsystems. Even tiny things, for example parsing a JSON file, are sometimes really painful because external, outdated libraries were used and not included in the standard framework.

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