What is Go NSQ?

NSQ is a great distributed queue. I’ve used it successfully as a primary building block for large-scale distributed systems. Here are some of its features:

  • Support distributed topologies with no SPOF.
  • Horizontally scalable (no brokers, seamlessly add more nodes to the cluster).
  • Low-latency push based message delivery (performance).
  • Combination load-balanced and multicast style message routing.
  • Excel at both streaming (high-throughput) and job oriented (low-throughput) workloads.
  • Primarily in-memory (beyond a high-water mark messages are transparently kept on disk).
  • Runtime discovery service for consumers to find producers (nsqlookupd).
  • Transport layer security (TLS).
  • Data format agnostic.
  • Few dependencies (easy to deploy) and a sane, bounded, default configuration.
  • Simple TCP protocol supporting client libraries in any language.
  • HTTP interface for stats, admin actions, and producers (no client library needed to publish).
  • Integrates with statsd for real-time instrumentation.
  • Robust cluster administration interface (nsqadmin)

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