Go Kit

Go Kit

What is Go Kit?

Go kit is a programming toolkit for building microservices (or elegant monoliths) in Go. We solve common problems in distributed systems and application architecture so you can focus on delivering business value.

Go is a lovely little language that’s perfectly suited to writing microservices. Go kit fills in the gaps left by the otherwise excellent standard library, giving your team the confidence to adopt Go throughout your stack.

Why microservices?

Almost all of contemporary software engineering is focused on the singular goal of improving time-to-market. Microservices are an evolution of the service-oriented architecture pattern that elegantly eliminate organizational friction, giving your engineers and teams the autonomy they need to continuously ship, iterate, and improve.

Why Go kit?

Go is a great general-purpose language, but microservices require a certain amount of specialized support. RPC safety, system observability, infrastructure integration, even program design — Go kit fills in the gaps left by the standard library, and makes Go a first-class language for writing microservices in any organization.

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