Go Sendgrid

Go Sendgrid

What is Sendgird?

SendGrid is a leader in trusted email delivery. Our powerful cloud-based solution sends transactional and marketing email for over 82,000 paying customers, allowing them to focus on their business, instead of their email infrastructure.

This library allows you to quickly and easily use the SendGrid Web API v3 via Go.

Version 3.X.X of this library provides full support for all SendGrid Web API v3 endpoints, including the new v3 /mail/send.

This library represents the beginning of a new path for SendGrid. We want this library to be community driven and SendGrid led. We need your help to realize this goal. To help make sure we are building the right things in the right order, we ask that you create issues and pull requests or simply upvote or comment on existing issues or pull requests.

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