Hover brings Flutter apps to the desktop

Hover brings Flutter apps to the desktop

What is Hover?

Hover is a simple build tool to create Flutter desktop applications. Hover is brand new and under development, it should be considered alpha. Anything can break, please backup your data before using hover. Hover is part of the go-flutter project. Please report issues at the go-flutter issue tracker.


Hover uses Go to build your Flutter application to desktop. Hover itself is also written using the Go language. You will need to install go on your development machine. Then install hover like this:

go get -u github.com/go-flutter-desktop/hover


The first time you use hover for a project, you’ll need to initialize the project for desktop. hover init requires a project path. This is usualy the path for your project on github or a self-hosted git service. If you are unsure, just make something up, it can always be changed later.

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