Sarama Go library for Apache Kafka

Sarama Go library for Apache Kafka

What is Sarama?

Package sarama is a pure Go client library for dealing with Apache Kafka (versions 0.8 and later). It includes a high-level API for easily producing and consuming messages, and a low-level API for controlling bytes on the wire when the high-level API is insufficient. Usage examples for the high-level APIs are provided inline with their full documentation.

To produce messages, use either the AsyncProducer or the SyncProducer. The AsyncProducer accepts messages on a channel and produces them asynchronously in the background as efficiently as possible; it is preferred in most cases. The SyncProducer provides a method which will block until Kafka acknowledges the message as produced. This can be useful but comes with two caveats: it will generally be less efficient, and the actual durability guarantees depend on the configured value of Producer.RequiredAcks. There are configurations where a message acknowledged by the SyncProducer can still sometimes be lost.

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